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Achieving the Minimum Condition for Living With Dignity

BEFA in Action

The BEFA Women and Child Care Foundation in Nigeria works to address the underlying causes of poverty, which is the biggest challenge that we face in the developing world. An ensuing, important shift in our approach to understanding poverty came with what we call a rights-based approach.

Viewing livelihoods through the lens of human rights, in contrast merely to human needs, has helped BEFA explicitly focus on people achieving the minimum conditions for living with dignity.

Aid Us in Our Ambition

We would like to start a fund-raising campaign to provide portable drinking water for rural areas across West Africa, starting with Nigeria. If you’re interested in helping us in our campaign, you may send us donations. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

About Our Organisation

Our Mission Statement

To provide legal aid, provide access to the courts and provide an injured party with the wherewithal to seek redress and to prosecute same to its logical conclusion. To develop multi-faceted programs and partnerships to address poverty and to advocate for broad-based support for the eradication not only of poverty but also of its underlying causes.


Our Vision Statement

To provide aggressive quality legal services to women which will help them gain equal access to the courts, empower them to control their lives and impact on the major causes and effects of poverty.

What People Are Saying About Us

Extensive research and experience revealed that rights violations represent important underlying causes of livelihood insecurity, which we regard as poverty. In several parts of the world, a lack of access to assets and resources is symptomatic of underlying discrimination, exploitation and exclusion.

According to the World Bank, of the 1.3 billion people living in absolute poverty around the globe, 70% are women. For these women, poverty does not just mean scarcity and want, it means rights denied, opportunities curtailed and voices silenced.

BEFA Women and Child Care Foundation, as a non-governmental organisation, was established in 2009 to give legal aid, access to the courts and to provide an injured woman/child with the wherewithal to seek redress and to prosecute same to its logical conclusion.

BEFA’s understanding is that poverty in most cases is rooted in human-made systems that exclude, marginalise and discriminate against certain groups of people especially women. Recognising that women and children suffer disproportionately from poverty, BEFA places special emphasis on working with women to create permanent change.

We develop multi-faceted programs and partnerships to address poverty amongst women and create opportunities to gain social, political and economic skills and practical understanding which opens a greater field of action.

BEFA is in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations since 2013.

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