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Meet our Founder & President/CEO

Nneoma Albert-Benson, Esq.

Nneoma has several years of multi-faceted award-winning experience in nonprofit leadership/organization. As the Founder and President of BEFA Women and Child care Foundation both in Nigeria and the United States, Nneoma established the Save Women In Prison Initiative (SWIP) that limits and were possible prevents the damage and disruption done to women as a result of their contact with the criminal justice system by developing practical interventions and through campaigning.

Nneoma also runs the Sister to Sister Initiative under BEFA where she helps with Counseling & Rehabilitation of Women & Girls;

She is a Mandela Washington Fellow, awarded by President Barack Obama in 2016 and a permanent NGO representative at the United Nations since August 2013. Nneoma holds a bachelor’s degree in law and is a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. She also earned a professional certification in Civic Leadership from Arizona State University. 

Nneoma is currently the Chairperson of the Civil Society Regional Reference Group of the Spotlight Initiative Africa Regional Program; an initiative of the United Nations and the European Union, to eliminate violence against women and girls by 2030.

Meet our 2022 Board of Trustees

Bonny Ebili - Chair

Aminatu Ibe, Esq. - Secretary

Nneoma Albert-Benson, Esq. - President/CEO

Austin Ashibuogwu - Vice President/Co-chair

Bertha Ukonu

Adanna Abatan

Chima Onusiriuka

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